Tips on Staying Positive Amidst Tough Times During Covid-19 Pandemic

Staying “Positive” During Covid-19 Pandemic

Most of us can agree that positive thinking is important. It tends to make us feel better, be more productive and reduces stress.

The problem is, our lives aren’t always rosy. Crises happen – be it on a personal level or something more widespread like what’s happening in the world right now.

That reality is a part of everyone’s life, and it makes keeping your spirits up tough.

If you are struggling to stay positive and hopeful when going through tough times, try following these nine tips:

Don’t Put Your Head in the Sand

 Staying Positive During Covid-19 Pandemic

No matter what you are dealing with, ignoring it is rarely the answer. While ignoring problems might feel good in the short-term, it will sap your long-term positivity. Plus, many of the other tips listed here require you to acknowledge your circumstances first.

This Too Shall Pass

 Staying Positive During Covid-19 Pandemic

When you are in the midst of a crisis, it is nearly impossible to keep things in perspective. That said, you need to recognize that your circumstances are temporary. This pandemic might seem dire at the moment, but try your best to remember that “this too shall pass.”

Make a Plan

 Staying Positive During Covid-19 Pandemic

One of the single best things you can do to maintain positivity during tough times is to make a plan on how to deal with it. When you focus on the solution rather than the problem, you will naturally feel more positive. You will feel like you are rising to the challenge.

Think About the Things You are Grateful For

 Staying Positive During Covid-19 Pandemic

Even during great turmoil, you still have things you are grateful for. Be thankful you are with your family. That you have more time for yourself now that there are lockdowns everywhere. When things get tough, it is vital to remember that it is good in the world, and more importantly, in your life. When you are struggling, take some time to list the things in your life you are grateful for.

Reach Out for Support

 Staying Positive During Covid-19 Pandemic

Support in and support out! Reach out to loved ones and offer your support. Reach out if you need assistance too. When things are dire, it is always reaffirming when people pull together and help each other.

Take a Break

 Staying Positive During Covid-19 Pandemic

Sometimes our circumstances are so dire that we are forced to think about our problems constantly. It is OK to take a break. You can take a break from the news, social media, or other people. It might not be easy but taking a break from external stimuli can help keep you positive.

Journal Your Feelings

 Staying Positive During Covid-19 Pandemic

Journaling is a powerful tool in so many ways. By simply giving you a place to express your fears and concerns, a journal helps you maintain positivity outside of its pages. Do you know how good it feels to vent to a friend? Well, consider your journal as your best friend.

Focus on Things You Can Control

 Staying Positive During Covid-19 Pandemic

When your world seems like it is spinning out of control, you may feel helpless. One way to address this and stay more positive is to focus on the things you can control. Instead of fretting about things out of your control, focus on making sure you do your best job on the things you can control. 

Embrace Distractions

Distractions are usually the worst. We are often trying to learn how to avoid or deal with them. They aren’t that bad when you are struggling to stay positive in tough times, though. No matter how silly they seem, you should embrace distractions that bring you joy in tumultuous times.

3 Actionable Things to Do to Stay “Positive” During Covid-19 Pandemic

 Staying Positive During Covid-19 Pandemic

Write down your feelings.

Think about everything you are dealing with and how it’s affecting you and write that down. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling; just focus on getting your feelings out of your head and onto paper.

Reach out.

Whether you are reaching out to offer support or request it, reaching out will help you feel like part of a community. When we all work together, we can overcome anything.

Make a plan.

Think about what your biggest struggle is right now and devise a plan to tackle it. Set some goals and deadlines. You will feel more positive by just having the plan, and even more positive if you act on it.

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