The Role Of Faith During Hard Times & Adversity

Keep Your Faith During COVID 19 Pandemic

Faith is a somewhat ambiguous word, depending on the context in which it is used. While this term is usually associated with religion and spirituality in general, faith can also exist separately outside of these institutions. In fact, the formal definition of the word faith is usually described as “complete confidence in someone or something.”

Using this definition, it is readily apparent that faith can be a vital asset during difficult periods in life. When everything seems to be going well, we rarely feel the need to hold on to some form of hope for the future or that things will get better. However, life will inevitably subject all of us to adversity and struggle at some point. The ability to look beyond these situations and envision resolution is very important in order to make it through to the other side.

One of the most beneficial things that faith can do during hard times allows us to let go of the tight grip we have on the situation and realize, most often, that we actually have no control. Most of the adversity we face in life has nothing to do with what is happening to us. Instead, the biggest factor in resolving the situation is how we REACT to it.

While it can be difficult to relinquish the outcome, as people tend to feel better when they believe they can take action to make something go away. Letting go is necessary to ease the immense tension that this train of thought carries. The point is, having faith allows us to only worry about how we deal with. Whatever obstacle is in our way with the knowledge that we cannot move it, only do our best to get around it.

Faith can also determine how we view even the most daunting adversity that life places in our paths.

Keep Your Faith During Covid 19 Pandemic

Most of us can reflect back to some extreme difficulty or problem that, while it seemed like the end of the world at the time, actually served to improve some aspect of life in the long run.

Having faith during hard times allows you to perceive many obstacles as stepping-stones instead of steep cliff walls. Remembering how adversity made you stronger. It makes you more capable of getting through rough patches in your life is critical when similar situations arise.

Having faith allows you to still feel on track even when you are unaware of the outcome. As you have probably figured out by this point, life is anything but a linear path. Although setting goals and planning how you want things to go is a noble task, this must be done with the knowledge that there will be alterations.

Without faith, any change in the way you see things going can quickly derail your entire course of action. Part of having faith is avoiding writing your plans in stone.

Lacking faith during difficult times often leads to focusing on the worst possible outcome of the current situation. By approaching problems from this perspective, every one of your actions from that point on tends to come from a place of defeat. By doing this, you are actually taking steps to ensure this less than the favorable outcome will come to fruition.

The opposite effect is true when faith is added to the equation. Faith allows you to take some obstacles or problems in your life and envision the best resolution possible. This allows you to maintain a winning mindset, navigating through the issue with a much more optimal trajectory.

Whatever you are facing, things are going to get better. Keep the faith!